2021 Albums in Review

At the start of the year, I set myself the aim of listening to more than 50 albums. That still seems to me like a good number. It requires a continual investment in searching out and appreciating new music, but rejects any notion of expertise or authority. I achieved my target while completely losing countContinue reading “2021 Albums in Review”


LABEL: TOPSHELF ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: A fully confident third album from a group that fuse the flavours of emo and jazz to explore the challenges and heartbreaks inherited by people with mixed-raced identity in modern America. Food and music go together. Whether it’s Shakespeare’s ‘if music be the food of love’, Aretha Franklin beltingContinue reading “REALLY FROM : REALLY FROM”

stream to the river #3

It’s time for another stream to the river playlist. This one is more rock based than the previous two. If you like it, you might like to follow wcsttr_blog on Spotify.