LABEL : WHATS YOUR RUPTURE? ALBUM IN A SENTENCE : A TRANSITIONAL RECORD THAT STARTS TO MOVE FROM BODEGA’S TRADEMARK SOUND. While you could argue that punk spirit is timeless, the same cannot be said for punk style. While I wouldn’t hold tightly, as I did in my youth, to a belief that you canContinue reading “BODEGA : BROKEN EQUIPMENT”

Patricia Brennan: Maquishti (LP)

LABEL: VALLEY OF SEARCH ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: Solo improvisations and jazz compositions that stretch what is possible with a vibraphone or marimba. Derrumbe is the Spanish word for collapse, but the final track on Maquishti, ‘Derrumbe De Turquesas’ could be translated literally as Turquoise Landslide. If that translation sounds like a remnant from theContinue reading “Patricia Brennan: Maquishti (LP)”