SELF RELEASED ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: Y2K era inspired teenage vaporwave from Australia. ‘(email)’, the eponymous opening track on the third full collection from Hatena, begins with the a dial up internet connection tone. It’s kind of the perfect sound to encapsulate the tensions that make listening to vaporwave as a genre fun. On theContinue reading “HATENA : EMAIL”


LABEL : IMPULSE! ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: Britain’s most prophetic jazz group grow in power and intensity as they draw on the source of Black power. It came as a surprise to me when I realised how political Boney M’s cover of The Melodians ‘Rivers of Babylon’ was. As a child, the song and itsContinue reading “SONS OF KEMET : BLACK TO THE FUTURE”


LABEL: FANTASY ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: A big hearted, big sounding, big souled record for big dreamers. Valerie June’s new album The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions For Dreamers reminds me again of one of the most important conversations in my life. Half a life ago, I was talking with a friend over a problem theyContinue reading “VALERIE JUNE : THE MOON AND STARS: PRESCRIPTIONS FOR DREAMERS”

Black Country, New Road : For The First Time

LABEL: NINJA TUNE ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: Explosions happen when seven friends from Cambridgeshire concoct a potion of post-punk, post-rock, and jazz at their local science fair. Instinctively, almost on principle, I love Black Country, New Road. For The First Time is an exuberant cacophony, charged with inventiveness and chemistry. One of the best complimentsContinue reading “Black Country, New Road : For The First Time”

stream to the river #1 playlist

we could see to the river wouldn’t be any kind of middle-aged music blog at all if it didn’t come with a regular playlist. Here’s a sample of what has been on the stereo in the first part of the year.

Patricia Brennan: Maquishti (LP)

LABEL: VALLEY OF SEARCH ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: Solo improvisations and jazz compositions that stretch what is possible with a vibraphone or marimba. Derrumbe is the Spanish word for collapse, but the final track on Maquishti, ‘Derrumbe De Turquesas’ could be translated literally as Turquoise Landslide. If that translation sounds like a remnant from theContinue reading “Patricia Brennan: Maquishti (LP)”