As regular visitors to We Could See To The River will know, this is a site that champions brand new music. However, that doens’t mean that over the course of a year, old songs didn’t turn up that were ‘new’ to my ears. This is a playlist that captures the best of those ‘new’ songs.Continue reading “STREAM TO THE RIVER #11 : NEW OLD SONGS”


LABEL: MEXICAN SUMMER ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: DANISH ROCKERS CONTINUE TO EVOLVE IN THE FACE OF THE TRANSIENCE OF EVERYTHING. Are there any rules in rock and roll? Maybe there are patterns, worn grooves in the pathway. One rock and roll rule I always believed in is that it’s impossible to be a punk forContinue reading “ICEAGE : SEEK SHELTER”

Stream to the River #5 : Heartbreakers

‘I know I’m not really your favourite person, but you’re mine.’ Taking that lyric as the starting point, this playlist for is based around the best songs from Spring 2021 that deal in many different types of heartbreak.