Stream to the River is back. After last year’s instrumentals only playlist, I thought I’d take another swing this year. As you can hear, I almost made it, but it would take a heart of stone to argue with Sō Percussion’s take on ABBA and then all bets were off. Like and share if youContinue reading “STREAM TO THE RIVER #13 : ALMOST ONLY INSTRUMENTALS”


LABEL : NINJA TUNE ALBUM IN A SENTENCE : What an album! A once in a generation album. A bandstarter. A ‘will be talked about in the 2050s’ album. A thing of wildness and beauty. My brand new favourite and best. In the almost year that Ants From Up There has woven its way intoContinue reading “BLACK COUNTRY, NEW ROAD : ANTS FROM UP THERE”

2021 Albums in Review

At the start of the year, I set myself the aim of listening to more than 50 albums. That still seems to me like a good number. It requires a continual investment in searching out and appreciating new music, but rejects any notion of expertise or authority. I achieved my target while completely losing countContinue reading “2021 Albums in Review”

Black Country, New Road : For The First Time

LABEL: NINJA TUNE ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: Explosions happen when seven friends from Cambridgeshire concoct a potion of post-punk, post-rock, and jazz at their local science fair. Instinctively, almost on principle, I love Black Country, New Road. For The First Time is an exuberant cacophony, charged with inventiveness and chemistry. One of the best complimentsContinue reading “Black Country, New Road : For The First Time”

stream to the river #1 playlist

we could see to the river wouldn’t be any kind of middle-aged music blog at all if it didn’t come with a regular playlist. Here’s a sample of what has been on the stereo in the first part of the year.