2021 Albums in Review

At the start of the year, I set myself the aim of listening to more than 50 albums. That still seems to me like a good number. It requires a continual investment in searching out and appreciating new music, but rejects any notion of expertise or authority. I achieved my target while completely losing countContinue reading “2021 Albums in Review”

Stream to the River #5 : Heartbreakers

‘I know I’m not really your favourite person, but you’re mine.’ Taking that lyric as the starting point, this playlist for is based around the best songs from Spring 2021 that deal in many different types of heartbreak.


LABEL: NEW AMSTERDAM ALBUM IN A SENTENCE:  The third album from Brooklyn Based Pakistani Composer reinterprets the tradition of Hindustani classical music on an album that transcends grief and loss. The main reasons I’m writing this blog are to encourage myself and others to emotionally invest in contemporary music and inquire what can be seenContinue reading “AROOJ AFTAB : VULTURE PRINCE”