Stream to the River #5 : Heartbreakers

‘I know I’m not really your favourite person, but you’re mine.’ Taking that lyric as the starting point, this playlist for is based around the best songs from Spring 2021 that deal in many different types of heartbreak.


The new Stream to the River playlist is instrumentals only, reflecting the range and power of instrumental music released in the last 3 months. Hope you enjoy.

stream to the river #3

It’s time for another stream to the river playlist. This one is more rock based than the previous two. If you like it, you might like to follow wcsttr_blog on Spotify.

stream to the river #2 playlist

Time for a new playlist full of exciting brand new music. This selection is the archetypal middle aged kitchen disco mix. slow, shy build up. gets all over-excited for a bit. then collapses totally out of puff. Hope you find something that you enjoy.

stream to the river #1 playlist

we could see to the river wouldn’t be any kind of middle-aged music blog at all if it didn’t come with a regular playlist. Here’s a sample of what has been on the stereo in the first part of the year.