LABEL: FAT POSSUM ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: The Weather Station takes Laurel Canyon to an 80s disco and cuts deep about grief and anger at the climate crisis. Of the things that I know about hope, I know this most surely, that hope is a battle. Hope is not pulled out of a hat andContinue reading “THE WEATHER STATION : IGNORANCE”

Arlo Parks: Collapsed In Sunbeams

LABEL: TRANSGRESSIVE ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: Arlo Park’s debut album uses storytelling to create a collage of young London mounted upon a rock solid neo-soul soundtrack. When I was twenty years old, part of the floppy-fringed Britpop generation, my song writing hero was Jarvis Cocker of Pulp. At twenty years old, with the release ofContinue reading “Arlo Parks: Collapsed In Sunbeams”


LABEL: 37d03d ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: CJ Camerieri places the trumpet centre stage on an album with roots in Asthmatic Kitty style chamber pop that stretches into electro, free jazz and spaghetti westerns. One of the most important distinctions in music is the acreage of difference between favourite and best. If forced to choose betweenContinue reading “CARM: CARM(LP)”

Patricia Brennan: Maquishti (LP)

LABEL: VALLEY OF SEARCH ALBUM IN A SENTENCE: Solo improvisations and jazz compositions that stretch what is possible with a vibraphone or marimba. Derrumbe is the Spanish word for collapse, but the final track on Maquishti, ‘Derrumbe De Turquesas’ could be translated literally as Turquoise Landslide. If that translation sounds like a remnant from theContinue reading “Patricia Brennan: Maquishti (LP)”