This is the last post that I am going to write for the We Could See To The River blog. My plan is to keep the site open to the end of July 2022 and then delete.

This blog started as a lockdown project in January 2021. I knew I needed a positive focus. I needed a reason to write again. I found myself unable to read, too anxious, and reading is an essential part of my mental equilibrium, and I needed a distraction from that.

I set myself a target of listening to 50 albums in 2021, and trying to write a blog a week about one of them. It has been a really enjoyable, satisfying experience. I’ve loved the times that I’ve produced my best writing. I’ve benefited from the ability to press ‘publish’ on something that I haven’t quite hit, knowing that there’s always next time.

My personal circumstances are different to when I started the blog. I changed job. I can’t mainline BBC 6music for 8 hours a day like I did in my previous role now. Most of my job is now sat in front of a screen, with regular writing challenges. That makes blogging a less obvious choice of weekly relaxation. I’ve been finding peace in the stillness of our suburban garden. We can still see to the river, just about. My reading muscles are returning too and that is a cause for gentle celebration.

I still want to listen to new music. Hannah Peel and Sault have both hit it out of the park in the last month. I believe a key skill for 21st Century living is the ability to hold a frame wide enough to behold an ever-flowing abundance of beauty, wisdom and spirit but not so wide that you kid yourself you’re master of it all. I want to stop before I get caught in the churn and it stops being fun.

Thank you to everyone who has viewed the site or read my work. Thank you to the artists who liked and retweeted.

Go well.

Simon Travers

Plymouth April 2022

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