Perhaps the way to try and classify an album like Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In is to play a game of Mixtape Crossroads. Which two acts could you sandwich Melt Yourself Down between on a mixtape to make a coherent segue? The possibilities appear endless. You could start with Alfa Mist and get to Lights…Camera…Revolution! era Suicidal Tendencies. You could start with Gallon Drunk and get to Can.

Melt Yourself Down are right, they don’t fit in. When the wisdom of our age is to behave like an app, do one thing well, stay in your lane and build your brand, Melt Yourself Down don’t. Like Rage Against The Machine or Public Enemy, they stick out awesomely like a hammered thumb on their major label’s roster. Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In intelligently fuses afrobeat, punk rock, the industrial grandeur of Depeche Mode, and fierce jazz. Melt Yourself Down are both funky and rocking. Does that make them funk rock? Perhaps Melt Yourself Down could be considered as a band out of time. 30 years ago, Faith No More were selling out arenas with a not dissimilar blend of aggression and intelligence.

What matters about Melt Yourself Down in 2022 is that regardless of where they are classified, they are a reminder of what is always most important in music. Good music is never about genre, it’s never about technique although, four albums in a decade in, Melt Yourself Down are tight, music is about spirit and energy. Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In breathes fire and punches through walls. It is an electric shock of an album.

Of course, the flip side to not fitting is that you have permission to stand out. As lyricist/vocalist Kushal Gaya puts it on the clattering, poly-rhythmic, bass driven ‘Boots of Leather’, ‘I make my own weather.’ That spirit of confident self-determination weaves through the album. ‘For Real’ brings the heaviness but the riffs come from the saxophone. ‘Sunset Flip’ captures the urgency of momentary beauty while ‘Nightsiren’ is a call to dancefloor action. Although Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In pulses, throbs and bristles like it is ready to overload, Melt Yourself Down are fully in control.

Although Pray For Me I Don’t Fit In explores a disparate set of genres, moods and influences, it is the spirit and energy that bind it into an obviously coherent whole. Melt Yourself Down play with their own internal logic; they play with guts. What they have inside them is stronger than any outside forces that might shape them into conformity.

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